The DIY investment model

Tokenisation is opening up a whole new world of tradable assets along with revolutionising the way the market can trade traditional products.

Making selfies pay

“Selfies to pay” could emerge as a new lure to bring younger customers into the banking fold as face recognition matures as a widespread technology within the financial sector, writes Roland Tellzen

Cyber criminals steal a march on the dark web

Organised crime, leveraging the dark web, is becoming far more effective in collaboration and sharing data about how to attack digital facilities and assets than those tasked with countering such threats, Sibos delegates were told yesterday, writes Roland Tellzen.

Space is the place for next gen fintech, says UNSW

Forget Moon bases, Elon Musk and missions to Mars, the immediate future of space technology is more down to Earth and destined to be a truly disruptive force to the financial and banking sectors, writes Roland Tellzen

Central banks go crypto

Cryptocurrencies have come a long way since their early associations with libertarian aversion to government surveillance. Discussion, if not yet concrete application, of digital currencies has permeated banks and other financial institutions, writes Richard Schwartz