The DIY investment model

Tokenisation is opening up a whole new world of tradable assets along with revolutionising the way the market can trade traditional products.

Now is the time to disrupt payments

Rather than being behind the curve in terms of new payments technologies, banks are “a bit delayed” said Michael Spiegel, global head of cash management at Deutsche Bank. While innovation by bigtech and social media firms really took off during 2007-2010, banks had “other challenges” at that time, he said, writes Heather McKenzie.

Making selfies pay

“Selfies to pay” could emerge as a new lure to bring younger customers into the banking fold as face recognition matures as a widespread technology within the financial sector, writes Roland Tellzen

Central banks go crypto

Cryptocurrencies have come a long way since their early associations with libertarian aversion to government surveillance. Discussion, if not yet concrete application, of digital currencies has permeated banks and other financial institutions, writes Richard Schwartz

Open banking “a tectonic shift”

Australia’s big four banks – the Commonwealth, Westpac, ANZ and National Australia Bank – already under critical scrutiny from the Federal Government’s Royal Commission into the financial services sector, are also girding themselves for the challenges of open banking, writes Roland Tellzen.