The DIY investment model

Tokenisation is opening up a whole new world of tradable assets along with revolutionising the way the market can trade traditional products.

How to stay relevant

Customer centricity has become a catch phrase in corporate banking but unless the context of corporates’ requirements is understood, financial institutions risk losing out to more customer-focused alternative providers.

A problem shared…

One of the main messages from Sibos regarding cyber security was the need for greater cooperation between financial institutions, particularly the need to share information about attacks.
The economic impact of sanctions

The economic impact of sanctions

US sanctions regimes are having a significant impact on regional banks and on trade itself. Bahruz Naghiyev, chief financial officer and a member of the executive board at Azerbaijan’s Pasha Bank, talks to Club@Sibos about the issue


Diane Reyes, HSBC: Evolving global banking

Regulatory requirements, new payment initiatives, and new demands from Millennials have sparked a new evolution in global banking, according to HSBC's Diane Reyes, head of  global liquidity and cash management.